I will never buy a bike! NEVER EVER!

Yup, unfortunately, those were my words just a few years ago. I am not very proud of this sentence Jeff, but what can I do about it? Actually, I can tell You a story. A short love story. So let's begin. It was not soo sunny day, a classic boooooring day at the work when my best friend L. ask me for a favor. I need to pick him up at the bike store because he needs to do regular service. I didn't know what regular service means at all, but I agreed. He had this nice red bike, named Lucia, yeah funny name. So I came there to pick him up, went to the store and got some strange feeling.


I saw some unusual bike there, it was something with ugly poop color seat and like 11 HP (first photo my dear love) but the form was actually special in some way. It was an old school shape, vintage, modern bike. This was love at first sight, but not with the bike. With this special something.

I want a bike!

Was my first reaction after we sat in the car. But as usual… Houston, we have a problem, I don't have a driving license (ok Bill, an A category, to be precise). In the meantime, I met a cute biker girl S.. She will also help. Yup, that's what she said. After a few days of searching, I found a style of bike from the store. Oh god, it is the whole culture, a Café Racer culture (second photo Jeff, and I know it's a scrambler). I was the happiest man on the planet. But, but, I still don't have a license. Days were passing, I was searching for a driving school, costs are high, god damn. Finally, I found something, started with lectures and it was going really fast. I got the papers and I was about my first ride lecture. Nope, I am lying Joe, I already learned some baby steps with a friend's awesome cool red bike. Actually, he thought me the basics. Thanks, dude. The practical part of the lecture. I was totally afraid of the bike. I can't describe this feeling. Why am I doing this? Why? Hey, but I have this fancy helmet, jeans, boots, and leather jacket, so I got that goin' for me, which is nice. OK, let's do this shit. Every time I was about to drive it was raining. And I hate the rain. HATE. This is the perfect word to describe my thoughts during practical lessons. After a few weeks of struggle, I got the A in October, so the next job was buying the bike. I want something special, v-twin engine, up to 600ccm (at this time I was already a bike specialist). After filtering there were two options. BMW or Honda or Yamaha. OK, three options Ashley, my bad. And I was looking for the final product, for a Café Racer build. The market was shitty, I wondered if people have a style or idea what they are doing, those builds were crap. Simply, CRAP George, you heard it. I will build my own bike, were my thoughts. I didn't know how exactly but I will do this.

I will do it... this rebuild stuff/action whatever