You can count on more first rides if you are rebuilding a machine

Buying a bike, such an easy cheesy job. You choose the platform, send a few emails and the party can start. Hey, not so fast George. It wasn't like this at all. I found some interesting old bikes, but I didn't want to pick up my new bike somewhere over the rainbow. Finally, after a week of searching, struggling, I have decided to buy a nearest Honda CX500. You asking why Amanda? Simply, BMW bikes cost like pure gold and Yamaha, meh, to much work (EDIT: I am laughing at this sentence after the rebuild is done).

Are You excited, folks, like I am?

It was already November (rain, if you get it), classic, and we were heading to the old grandpa biker with Honda CX500. I was totally nervous Jeff, and it was cold, super cold. As we were approaching the destination, I was even more nervous. Why don't we drink some beer, L. asked. Yeah, re-route the navigation to the first bar, we are too early, anyway. Let's go on. For the info, M. was driving the van (thanks bro).

Grandpa was an old gentleman with a nice old lady. They are both artists, so we found the common language (yes, Jeff, I show them my works) in just a second. Not to forget I needed to sign 3 or 4 documents before even seeing the bike. Is this a joke?? WTF George, what else have you in mind? Scan my license and id? For what reason? God damn. IT WAS NOT A JOKE AT ALL. For starting the bike you need to pass the grandpas course and have a little luck (it was super cold, remember?). Yikes, let's go finally.

Okay, we are back and I am taking the bike with me. Should I tell grandpa for rebuild or no, god damn? The old lady is melting here with a cute story about a date with young grandpa. She almost cried, we almost cried. Abort mission, I will take care of the bike. And price?? It was fair price Ashley.

Will I meet these nice people again? Ever? Will they meet me or recognize the bike? Maybe in the newspaper, someday, after we got famous baby ;).

I will call her Jolene.