Winter is coming (if You know what I mean). It's time for a small update. According to my wish list, I can actually afford a pair of earplugs, but I can sell old bike parts from my basement. To be honest, I have parts for the whole new bike. So, Darla, you want to know a little more about my list? Firstly, I want to change the wiring harness, install a smaller battery, replace the fenders and install a windshield. And not to forget, repaint the tank. Color? Have no idea at the moment. So let's start with rebuilding 2.0. Just to note it, this will be actually garage rebuild. Okay Jeff, partly garage, because is cold like a hell (funny, isn't it). As I mentioned earlier the first thing will be an electrical thing. New battery already arrived and in the next few days, I will get the harness. But there is also one problem. I ordered a smaller battery and I believe that it will fit under the seat (at least I hope so). And there we get to the problem, Rear fender is fixed to the let's say under seat box. So, the first thing I need to do is to replace the box with the fender.

It started with a (NOT kiss) a wiring harness. I bought an old harness online, remove the isolation, replaced a few wires, cleaned the connectors and isolate the whole harness anew. I used WD-40 Contact and Alcohol 80% (for the cleaning Darla, you funny ass) and results were amazing. I also replaced old connectors and replan the wiring. You can see a part of the work in the gallery on the left side (or bellow, my mobile fellow).

My first experience with the carbon. Hm... funny, nice and smooth (not criminal) thing, but how this even works. Read tutorials, watch youtube videos, investigate a little bit, don't just sit there Jeff. So, if You let me I will explain the whole process. For the carbon is important to have a mold because carbon is a kind of fabric which reacts with epoxy resin and voila, after a few hours of hardening, sanding, epoxying (is this even a word?), sanding, epoxying (?), sanding and at the end clear painting You will get a perfect product. Where did I get the molds you asked Darla? I used an old rear fender for the basis and a clay for the modifications. At this particular moment, I was very interested in automotive design, so I took a few ideas and advices for clay modeling. After fender mold was done I covered it with aluminum foil and tape and I started to adding carbon fibre layers. As a mold for the front fender, I used old one and windshield? Do you know the old original big plastic fender? I used it, it is somewhere in the gallery if You forgot. My advice to You: Always use your imagination.

Finally pain(ting). I love it, as you already know. The whole process goes like follows: empty and remove the tank, wet sand it, and paint it. Again, one very, very easy task. Even a child could do this (no harsh feelings small little dude). I choose a gray color, something like Ducati senna gray. In the end, it will be like I wanted at the very beginning (learning process). After primering the base, the next step was to paint the tank to blue (because of the cool lines), then taping the same cool lines, graying the tank and at the end cover one or more layer of clear lack.