Thanks to my friends M., M., L., A. we brought a bike to the living room. Special thanks to M. for filming. To be honest, I was also expecting some funny shit during this performance, but maybe next time. Why living room, George, you asked? I don't own a proper garage to do rebuild. The living room is also not a proper place to do this, thanks for the info Susan, I am not stupid, but as long as nobody noticed it, it will be ok. So, the rebuild can start! I got a Honda manual, bought the tools, beers, cafe beans and can finally start to work, work, work (Rihanna, exactly Jim).

Forget about the room!

So after I found a perfect spot for my Jolene (from now on my new roommate) I could explain in a few words why name Jolene. S. and I were talking about a bikes on one of a few dates we had and she mentioned that I need to find a perfect name for my bike to create emotional connection (let say love) between bike and me. Better the name, stronger the bond. When I saw this red lady online for the first time I was listening this awesome country song (just crazy, isn't it Susan) named Jolene and as You already know (except You are living under the rock (n'ot roll) the whole time) this is a Dolly Parton song. No hard feelings Dolly, my dear, but I prefer The White Stripes cover. It's just more powerfull. So what about the song? Jolene was one stunningly beautiful lady with a beautiful red hair, beautiful skin, green eyes, soft voice and joyful smile. Did you also fall in love just by reading this? Same here Jeff. Sorry Dolly but this Jolene would take every man in the universe. And do You know why? Just because she can. Simple as that, just because she can.